Every one of us have dreamed of the perfect wedding since we were young. To have it fulfilled is what most of us wish for. However planning for the perfect wedding takes a lot of time and resources. It needs to be thought thoroughly and every detail should be polished accordingly. So, what steps should we take to achieve our perfect wedding?

Budget Plan

Set a budget and plan your wedding accordingly. This is a very important first step because it will serve as a guide as to the rest of your wedding planning. 

Wedding Date

You should set your wedding date as early as possible in order to know which hotels or churches are available on said date. Your wedding venue and reception must be booked as early as possible because people get married daily. 

Wedding Theme

Most of the time, it is the bride that determines the wedding theme but it is also important to choose one that both partners like. It is vital to the whole process as it sets the whole mood of the event. Furthermore, setting a theme will determine the designs that comes with every aspect of a wedding and this includes dresses, flowers, and music.

Who to Invite

This is probably one of the hardest aspect to decide on in every wedding. If you are working with a budget, as much as you want to invite everyone, both you and your partner should only invite those who are truly close to you and has an impact on your relationship.


Of course, after every wedding is the much awaited honeymoon. Although it isn’t exactly a part of the whole ceremony, planning your honeymoon beforehand can make your wedding more exciting. Having something to look forward to after months of planning will make the process more enjoyable and fun.

Weddings are a magical event for every couple as well as their families and friends. It is important that it should be carefully planned beforehand.